Monday, July 19, 2010

How Did You Get This Number

I think my favorite thing about Sloane Crosley's new book is the title, and all the different ways you can emphasize is. It is- How did you get this number? How did you get this number? Or How did you get this number? Who knows.

Anyway, Sloane Crosley writes short, humorous, slice-of-life essays, kind of like David Sedaris, if David Sedaris was a thirty-something, female book publicist and was just a bit less funny than he actually is. I really liked her first book, so I was a little disappointed to find that this one was just ok. The essays are perfectly fine and funny at times, but it's the kind of humor that made me think "ha ha" in my head rather actually laugh out loud.

I'm about to start another book of humor essays, so expect a full comparison soon.

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