Monday, October 25, 2010

Arts & Crafts Festival

Two weekends ago I went to the Batsto Village Country Living Fair. Batsto is an old historical village in the New Jersey pine barrens. My family used to go all the time and, after ages and ages of missing it, we decided to go again this year.

They had some antiques and lots of crafts, like traditional quilts, handmade soaps and candles, and yarn spun from alpaca hair.

One of the yarn stands even had their alpacas (alpaci?) with them. Aren't they cute? I'd take one as a pet.

Everything was set among the historic village buildings, namely an old manor house and various stables and farm buildings.

Add to that the fact that it was perfect fall weather AND we brought Millie with us, and it all made for a classic fall day. She met a lot of other dog friends, and we couldn't walk ten feet without someone stopping and mistaking her for a puppy.

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  1. are those new shoes? might they deserve their own posting?



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