Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Book Nook

No, I'm not talking about Barnes & Noble's e-book reader. I'm talking about one of my favorite areas that I've decorated in my apartment. It's a little reading corner made up of a vintage looking velvet chair from HomeGoods, a frilly pillow from Pier One, and a crystal chandelier, also from HomeGoods.

Now I wasn't able to get a picture where both the lighting and the furniture looked good, so you'll have to do some metal photoshopping here. Imagine the chandelier as it looks lit up in the this picture...

...with the chair as it looks in this picture. While you're at it, mentally add some more books into the piture. There's a few lined up on the ledge there, but I still need to move in some more.

I think it will be so nice to sit there and read with a cup of tea. So far, though, it's mostly been used by Millie as a springboard to get up on the window sill to look out at the world.

1 comment:

  1. Lauren, that looks darling! Can't wait to see more picture of your apartment as you get things situated.



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