Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Gatsby Day

On this day in 1925, The Great Gatsby was first published. It looks good for eighty-six.

The other day I read that Ben Affleck is rumored to be in talks to play Tom Buchanan in the upcoming Baz Lurhmann adaptation. I've never been so excited to potentially see Ben Affleck in a movie. I think he would make the perfect Tom to Carey Mulligan's Daisy and Leonardo DiCaprio's Gatsby. I'm not so sure about Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway, though. Yes, Nick is the outsider and, in some ways, the innocent in the novel, but Tobey Maguire just seems a bit too...wishy washy?


  1. whoa whoa whoa, this is the first i'm hearing about a MOVIE! i must reread the book. i'm feeling myself be pulled back to college and my BA obsession. so excited!

  2. Love the great gatsby it's based on the town where I grew up on long island.

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