Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Pet Project

Some facts about Millie, shamelessly inspired by the ongoing series that can be found here.

Sometimes Pickle, for reasons unknown even to myself, and sometime Millushka, if I'm feeling Slavic. On the flip side, I've been trying to figure out what the full name is that Millie's short for. So far I think it's Mildred. She responds to that more than Millicent.

3-ish. But mistaken for a puppy on a daily basis.

How did she come into my life?
I told the full story here.

What's the best thing about having my pooch?
Everything! The funny things she does, the snuggling, the way her personality has emerged in the time that I've had her...

What's her personality like?
I'd say she's sweet and smart, ladylike but down to earth (not above extended bouts of loud snoring).

What are her favorite local pit stops?
She's a bit of a star at the dog friendly coffee shop down the street. She also always enjoys stopping and investigating near the doors of dry cleaners or near people who are getting in and out of parked cars.

Does Millie have a splurge food?
Anything she can naughtily grab off the street.

If Millie had a human voice, whose would it sound like?
It's not technically human, but I'm pretty sure she would sound exactly like Clarice, Rudolph's girlfriend in the animated Christmas special. And I hope she would use it to tell me all about her life before I got her. It's a mystery I'm dying to know!

And to prove I'm not that much of a self-centered pet parent, here are two more cuties, Millie's "cousins"- Petey, a beagle mix...

...and Bauer, a Rhodesian ridgeback puppy.

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