Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Fortnight in September

Between posting about beachy, wavy hair and a book about a British family's end of summer holiday, I seem to be a bit out of sync with the season this week.

It ended up taking me a fortnight in December to read The Fortnight in September by RC Sherriff, another Persephone classic. It's a really lovely novel that quietly and delicately chronicles the Stevens family's annual two week vacation at the English seaside. As each day of the fortnight passes, we get to see the holiday through the perspective of a different member of the family and observe their individual dramas as they go through the minor daily events of a family on holiday. So many of their experiences resonated with me. I can't remember another novel that had me thinking, "Yes! I know exactly how that feels!" so often.

Besides just reading this in the first place, I'd recommend two other things. First, take time to read the Introduction in the Persephone edition. It's taken from the author's journal and is a very sweet account of his experience in writing the book. Second, wait until a bit after the holidays to pick this up. I think the reason it took me weeks to get through this is because Christmas is the one time of year when I'm not really in the mood for summer vacation escapism. This book would be much more appropriate for a time when there aren't cookies to bake or holiday movies to watch.


  1. I'm definitely going to read this! I asked my husband for a bunch of Persephone Classics for Christmas, but unfortunately, this one wasn't on the list

  2. Oh I am going to pick this one up pronto!!!! xo, Melissa



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