Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Santa's Little Visitor

On a much lighter dog-related note than yesterday's post, over the weekend Millie had her picture taken with Santa!

Contrary to her placid demeanor, she actually wasn't too happy about it. She first started to get agitated when a PetSmart volunteer (aka, a stranger) picked her up to bring her over to the big man. She was wiggling and squirming like crazy while she was on his lap and even managed to pull Santa's beard off at one point! I just hope she didn't ruin the myth for any young puppies that might have been in the store at the time.


  1. In a picture of Freckles and Santa, most of the red would have been blood, I'm afraid. Millie is looking very lovely and calm. I'm sure the moms turned the puppies' heads away during the beard incident... ;-)

  2. Well, in spite of the struggle, she looks adorable in the picture!



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