Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blind Date with a Book

Happy Valentine's Day!

I stumbled upon a fun Valentine's treat the other day when, during a weekend visit home, I went to the local library with my mom and came across this:

The display featured books covered in festive Valentine's wrappings that could be checked out sight unseen. Such a cute idea for book lovers, right? We each picked one out, with no idea what we were getting. (Okay, I may have slightly cheated and avoided one where I could just make out the words Danielle and Steele showing through some of the lighter colored paper.)

We unwrapped our picks over tea. My mom got this detective thriller and I ended up with this, which I'm assuming would be considered Christian fiction (?).

I think both of these will be returned unread, but no hard feelings. That's the risk of a blind date!


  1. That is a lovely idea indeed! And may I add that is a very pretty cup!

  2. i love love love this idea!!! it makes me want to be a librarian!



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