Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Fancies

This weekend, my Hope To Do list has conveniently merged with the scattered state of my apartment. A random sampling of current clutter reveals some of the projects I'm hoping to tackle: knitting supplies are strewn about everywhere (I'm in the middle of working on my first sweater), two MacBooks, one old, one new, have staked out some prime real estate on the kitchen table waiting for me to transfer files, and half a dozen library books are piled helter skelter on my shelves. On top of that, I have plans to go to the ballet (to see the current tour of these guys) and Sunday is Oscar night!

While I get busy trying to squeeze everything in to the next two days, check out some of my favorites from the week.

(Image via here)

 Just could not resist one last Downton Abbey picture. Wasn't the servant's ball just about the best scene of the entire season?!

I just discovered this simple and sweet baking blog. Isn't this Peter Rabbit themed Christening party adorable?

Staying on the topic of food, Turntable Kitchen features fun pairings of recipes and music suggestions.

Wouldn't you like a planter for your bike?

I officially love Maddie the Coonhound. Would this be considered the dog version of planking?

And I know that conventional wisdom states that Uggs are a fashion faux pas, but let's be real for a minute- they're cozy and comfortable and I won't be getting rid of mine any time soon. There's a time and a place for everything, so it was nice to see The Sartorialist give them some credit as weekend footwear.

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  1. There can never be too many Downton Abbey pictures :)



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