Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Fancies

Have any of you read Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell? It's one of those books that I had vaguely heard about, but never entertained the thought of reading. Then I heard that a film adaptation was about to come out and discovered that there was a devout group of fans who were excited about it. Still, I didn't think too much about seeing the movie or reading the book. Then I happened to see a short clip of the movie trailer and something just clicked. Now I'm dying to read the book (even though I only have a very broad idea of what it's about) and may start it this weekend. This post and the extended trailer made me even more eager.

 (image via here)

Apparently this comic has been floating around for a while, but I only just saw it.

Some of these documentaries look interesting. I've already added Happy, First Position, and Born Rich to my Netflix queue.

One of my favorite blogger photographers has a small collection of prints for sale.

Speaking of prints, how about these unique maps? I especially love the tube one.

And I seem to be starting a little Friday tradition of finding interesting author interviews. Here's one with John Banville. Now I feel challenged to find one for next week.

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  1. now i have to look up "cloud atlas". ... thanks!



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