Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Fancies

With both the Nobel and Man Booker prizes being awarded in the past week, you might say that mid-October is to literature what early February is to football. I don't know very much about Nobel winner Mo Yan, but two-time Booker winner Hillary Mantel has had a place on my To Read list for a while. I'd better make it a priority to pick up her first winning novel, Wolf Hall, before her next book comes out and racks up a third win.

Have you read anything by either winning author?

(image via here)

Other "winners" from the week:

I'm kind of upset I didn't win this blog giveaway. I love the high/low combination of the leather and diamonds in that bracelet.

I may have to console myself by making a warm and cozy drink, like this one or this one.

Check out these cut paper illustrations depicting different children's books.

21 authors were challenged to tweet a novel in 140 characters. (I like Jeffrey Archer's the best.)

And at the opposite end of the spectrum, this NY Times piece praises the language of literary excess in the face of a trend towards writing that is short, direct, and to the point.

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  1. I have read Wolf Hall and it is stupendously good! I have a copy of Bring Up the Bodies on my bedside table and will be starting it soon - they are books to be savored so I am waiting for the right moment.
    I love those cut paper illustrations. The Matilda one is my favorite.
    And too bad about the bracelet! It is gorgeous.



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