Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An Education

When the movie An Education was out last fall, not only was I dying to see it (still haven't, but it's on my queue), but I was also dying to read the memoir it was based on. Unfortunately, it seemed to be out of print or only available for the Kindle. I had pretty much forgotten about it when I was browsing at the Union Square Barnes and Noble and, lo and behold, I spotted it. Of course, I snapped it up.

The author writes with a casual tone that made this a breezy, quick read, the perfect antidote to the last not-so-great book I read. It spans the author's teenage years and time at Oxford, followed by her marriage and work as a journalist. One of my favorite parts was the final chapter- it takes a sad turn, and then you think it's going to become truly depressing until the final few paragraphs of the book rescue it in a surprising way. Now I'm even more anxious to watch the movie.

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