Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Six More Weeks...

In honor of the groundhog peeking out from his burrow today, I thought it was time to finally take a peek at some spring clothes. I wasn't quite ready when I saw them in the stores while the after-Christmas sales were still going on, but now I'm more in the mood for warmer weather and have been doing some online window shopping. I must say, I'm loving some of the looks that Anthropologie is showing right now.

I love the haircut, I love the French vibe, and I love that these outfits look easy enough to put together using some things I already have.

And speaking of a French vibe, I found the next pair of glasses I want on a recent post by The Cherry Blossom Girl:

I love wearing my Ray Ban sunglasses, so why not have them as glasses too? I think these look adorable. The flowered headband doesn't hurt either.

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