Thursday, February 11, 2010

Potato and Artichoke Tortilla

I was in the mood to try a new recipe during my snow day yesterday. I had two requirements- the recipe had to call for only basic ingredients and it had to be something cozy. I spent some time on SmittenKitchen and decided that I would hit the "Surprise Me" button five times and see what recipes popped up. On the fifth try the perfect recipe appeared- a potato and artichoke tortilla.

I love these kinds of tortillas, which are like a Spanish version of a frittata. They always remind me of the first time I ever had one, which was during my freshman year of college when the RA on our floor took an entire troupe of girls to have tapas in Boston.

I had mixed results with this recipe. I loved the mix of flavors from the potato, onion, red peppers, and artichokes. Mine didn't come out as thick and tortilla-like as it should have, but that was because I cut some corners on the recipe. It calls for cooking the entire thing on the stove top, and flipping it out of the pan onto a plate to turn it over several times. Not only did that seem dangerous, but I don't have any plates that are bigger than my frying pan, so I ended up just cooking it like frittatas that I've made in the past- partly on the stove top and partly in the over. I think this made it flatter than a tortilla is supposed to be. I would definitely make this again, though, and possibly even consider following directions next time.

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