Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Prodigal Summer

What is it about Barbara Kingsolver? It seems like any time her name come up in a conversation among readers, the reaction is usually "Oh, I love her books". The praise is well-deserved. Her writing is very approachable, yet still manages to have a sophistication about it. The result is that she's able to make almost any character or setting seem interesting. Prodigal Summer follows several farmers and a wildlife expert living in rural Appalachia. Not a topic that I would immediately gravitate towards, but it ended up being the most compelling thing I've read in a while. I had to stay up late one night to finish it.

Beyond her writing, this particular book was interesting to me because it ties in with Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, which I read with my book club a while back. In some ways, Prodigal Summer is like the fictionalized version of that book, from the environmental philosophies it touches on to smaller details, like the canning and preserving of seasonal fruits that one of the main characters does. They're perfect companion books for each other.


  1. So glad you read (and liked) this book! We may have to initate a virtual Rogue Book Club for The Lacuna.



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