Monday, February 1, 2010

The Hat

As promised, here's the hat that I made with the yarn I got from Purl:

And, even though I'm a bit reluctant to post a picture of me wearing the hat, here it is on:

I like that the shape of it is a little reminiscent of a 1920's cloche. I can channel Zelda when I wear it (minus the craziness). I also completely love this yarn- it's the softest and coziest I've ever felt. I could even imagine that it would be possible to try the hat on after finishing it and then fall asleep and take a nap while wearing it. Not that I would do something like that, of course.

Now for my next dilemma- what to get when I go back to Purl. Do I get more of the same yarn in a different color to make some kind of scarf? Or do I get the yarn to make this mushroom hat from their website?


  1. make the mushroom hat! love it. also, the blue/periwinkle color is great---love the braid on the side. it looks tres warm.



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