Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Recommendation of the Week

Cute Blog/Artist Alert

I haven't posted a recommendation in a while (I might have to rename these "Sporadic Recommendations"), but I thought I'd share another Etsy artist I like who- surprise, surprise, also has a cute blog.

The artist is Sophie Blackall and she does illustrated scenes based on the Missed Connections postings on Craigslist. They're really clever- she takes what people post as Missed Connections and interprets them in a way that makes them really quirky/ funny/ cute. I'd seen her work on Etsy one or twice, then a while ago I found out that she has a blog too. The other day I visited it and noticed that one of her recent posts has a video about her work that's kind of interesting.

(I know this is a boring post with no pictures, but I'm tired...)

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